Who are Alisha's Attic?  
Alisha's Attic are Karen and Shellie Poole - two talented sisters from Essex - and their backing band. Karen is the blonde older sister, and Shellie has red hair in the photo on the right, but keeps changing her hairstyle and colour! They are named after an imaginary friend that Shellie had when she was little - called Alisha, who is half angel, half devil - there's a picture of her in the top right corner of every page in this mini-Aa-site! They write many of their songs in their attic - so they called themselves Alisha's Attic. Karen writes the lyrics, and Shellie sings the lead vocals. They have released two albums and seven singles in the UK so far - see how they did in the UK Charts.
There is plenty more info on the girls on other Aa sites, and if you're really interested, why not join their official fan-club?

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