Alisha's Attic Official Fan-Club  

So you really like Alisha's Attic? If you've got the money - join their Official Fan-Club - you won't regret it!
You'll get lots of Aa
goodies when you join! Such as...

  • 2 photos of Karen and Shellie - signed by them! (click on the right to see one of mine...)
  • Alisha brooch, and Alisha's Attic Official Fan-Club membership card
  • Fan Club magazine - comes out 4 times a year - when you first join you'll get quite a few back issues!

  • Press cuttings featuring Alisha's Attic

  • The chance to enter various competitions, and buy Aa merchandise exclusive to the Fan-Club

  • Quite a few other goodies!

And Karen and Shellie do their best to meet Fan-Club members at their gigs - so if you want to meet the talented duo - joining the Fan-Club will greatly increase your chances of doing so!

For joining details, write to the address below, or visit their official website.

Another good way to find out what the fan-club has to offer:
Martyn, a Fan-Club member, has a really
cool website,
complete with lots of pics and info on what the fan-club has to offer!

  Alisha's Attic Official Fan-Club
PO Box 1424
Milton Keynes
MK14 6AA

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