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LATEST UPDATE - 1 August 2001
Mini news update...

New single, Pretender Got My Heart:
released 16th July, entered UK charts at 43

New album, The House We Built:
released 23rd July, entered UK charts at 55

- however there are reports that this week,
its midweek chart position has risen to 40, yippee!!

[above information taken from Alisha's Attic's Official Mailing List - see links page for how to join]

Updated my
links page
- added Roy's new site

Anyhow - apologies for the lack of updates in the past month -
I have been abroad. Normal service will resume
next week, after I return home this Sunday, hopefully
including the previously promised revamp...

[Older news written 26 June 2001: ]
Site sort-of under construction... (well, revamp)

As you may have noticed, there's a lovely new front page now, and this site now lives at a new address of (update your bookmarks and links please!)

And also - the NEW FAN PROFILES section is up!!!
Get to know some Aa fans there,
you could even submit your own entry if you like!
[The layout of the Fan Profiles section will improve after I finish the revamp ;-) ]

Although this site is currently undergoing a revamp, all the links and content should still be around as before, just that the style will be a little inconsistent, and this news page will be out of date until I finish the revamp, bear with me :o)

Mond - contact address

[below follows the old contents of the What's New page...]


Hey peeps! I'm back! :o)

Hopefully this site will be updated a bit more often now
- and I'm planning a new look for the site too!

Also, a new feature where I want YOUR help:
Fan Profiles - read more about it here


New - Updated info on release dates and gigs
See below for details

Also: Links page


Alisha's Attic Official Mailing List!!
A great way to keep up with Aa and their fans!
More details on my links page

Latest feature: Fan Chat at the Yahoo forum
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Don't forget - you can see some of the Aa news from the past
on the Alisha's News Archive

Recent stuff in Alisha's Corner...

Since mid-February...

  • Since my major update, my links page has had various other small updates occasionally over the past few months...

Mid-February and before...

  • Major update of my links page
    I've done a quick spring clean, and added some new sites - in particular, the great new site from Aa's publishers
    - has new full length videos and interviews on it!

  • Full transcription of the first "Saturday Night Live" radio interview
    Find out about the kind of things the girls got up to when they were younger -
    read about what they got up to on their first mini-tour - and much more!
    (interview was in June '97)

Alisha's Attic news...

Alisha's Attic's new single!

The release of their great new single, Pretender Got My Heart, has been delayed several times now over the past month (grrrr!), the latest prediction now is 2nd July.

However, the song's featured on the soundtrack to the recent film, Bridget Jones' Diary - so if you're desperate to get hold of the song in advance, go buy the soundtrack CD! But don't forget to buy the single too to support Alisha's Attic in the UK Charts!! :o) Also look out for the really great video for Pretender Got My Heart on TV...

Alisha's Attic play LIVE!

News from the official Alisha's Attic's website (maintained by their record label)...

"Alisha's are confirmed to play T In The Park on the 8th July,
and the Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London on the 16th June"

LATEST UPDATE: Aa will no longer be playing T In The Park; their Fleadh Festival appearance is hopefully still going ahead, and is going to be recorded for Radio 2.

(thanks to Sharon Edwards of Alisha's World Wide Attic for pointing it out the original item, thanks to Simon Wilson of the Official Site for the subsequent updates)

Alisha's Attic's new album!

The new album should be out on 9th July, fingers crossed!

The new single is taken from their forthcoming album, The House We Built - I've heard some previews of other songs on it and they sound fantastic!

(thanks to Simon Wilson of the Official Site for the release dates info)

* Check out past news in Alisha's News Archive *

Coming to Alisha's Corner sometime in the future...

I might finish transcribing the (really ancient!) Chris Moyles Radio 1 interview (Sep 1998) at some point... 

Don't forget to check out the other Aa sites to keep right up to date!


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