Live interview on Saturday Night Live (2)  

Mel Everett interviews Alisha's Attic's
Karen and Shellie on
Saturday Night Live on Independent Radio,
23 January 1999, between 7pm and 9pm

Key: M = Mel Everett, K = Karen Poole, S = Shellie Poole, N = Simon Nicks / "Nicksy"
M: So tonight in the studio, I'm pleased to say I've got Karen and Shellie out of Alisha's Attic here - How are you doing?
K & S: All right! All right, thanks!
M: All right!? So what's been going on?
S: Oh - it's been - we've had quite a busy time actually, aint we?
K: Yeah we've been doing b-sides, we've been doing sort of little acoustic gigs all around
M: Yeah
K: Just basically keeping busy all the time, it never seems to stop actually although -
M: You love it don't you?
K: Although everyone else seems to think we're having a bit of time off between now and the next single and stuff - it never - it doesn't work like that!
M: Really?
K: No - it doesn't -
M: Does it do your head in sometimes coz you have to work so much?
K: No, because we get quite bored if we're not working - you know, sort of 'phone each other up every ten minutes and say "What are you doing then?"
S: The only thing that bothers me is that after you've been away and you come back and you've got a bag of ironing - you never seem to get a chance to do it - do you know what I mean, so that's what we're gonna do later...
M: Well, we were just talking about this - you're gonna go home and do ironing , yeah?
S: Yeah -
M: You do ironing - no? [she says in an amazement]
S: I do ironing, yeah, don't you?
M: No - I can't have that -
S: Yeah, I do loads of ironing
I do -
M: You're having a laugh! [they all burst out laughing]
I'll tell you what it is, I do my washing okay, I put it in the tumble drier, and then I take it out of the tumble drier and I just put it and hang it up -
K: Oh - that's what I do
But it doesn't always work though does it?
S: You see I haven't got one of them things like that go from your tumble drier to an outlet, so you know, everything - so all the food on the top cupboard goes all mouldy? so I don't actually do that!
M: Nice!
S: Yeah! So I've started ironing mate!
M: But I'm useless if I iron - like even if I iron a handkerchief burn it
K: So do I -
M: Seriously it's a nightmare!
S: You're supposed to iron through a handkerchief - like on top of your washing
K: Tell Mel what you did the other day with your trousers - quickly
S: Oh - no - I said to my Mum look I've got these big baggy pants can you change them for me - like make them better fitting
M: Yeah, all right
S: So she took in the bum and it was like all fitting nicely and then she went "if you just cut the pockets out, Shellie, that'd be lovely" and she went "you know how to do that -" and I went "Oh Mum - of course I know how to"
  [Mel bursts out laughing]
S: and I cut the whole of the side of the trousers out and when I turned them back the other way, there was my hand looking through, and I was like "Mum, you'll never guess what I've done" - so I've got this big weird like sort of patch mark now - I'm gonna put this 70's patch over it
M: Oh that'll be cool - what a nightmare - so what kind of stuff do you get up to in your spare time? It's Saturday night - what is your ideal Saturday night out?
S: Coming to see you, of course -
M: Oh - you little sweetheart - I'll give you that tenner in a minute(!)
S: Yes, all right!
K: I dunno - we do lots of things, we normally either stay in - we've gone through a phase of like Saturday nights either going out big style or not going out at all - and Sunday we do like our Sunday dinner, which is like -
M: Yeah
K: - we've got a group of three or four friends and we do like an alternate Sunday lunch thing
S: It's mine next week
M: Is it?
K: I am dreading it - every one of them!
M: So you can cook and that as well?
S: No - that's why they're dreading it! [everyone bursts out laughing]
M: I am the worst cook in the world - if you've come round mine - you know you get these salads in the bags -
S: Oh yeah!
M: They get that and they get like a few potatoes and stuff
S: Yeah, yeah totally -
M: I pretend it took me hours to make, like "I cut up all this lettuce myself - I never got it out of a bag" [she says in a mock sincere tone]
S: "Crinkle cut - I did it "
M: Exactly! so I'll be coming round yours for Sunday lunch then
All right, so you're actually going to play for us live in the studio later on aren't you?
S: Yeah, we are
M: And we've also got - to give away tonight we've got the full drum kit
S: I know it's just amazing isn't it
M: I know it's wicked isn't it? Guitar and amp, keyboard and keyboard amp, and then also the bass guitar and amp as well
K: That's so amazing - I really want that -
M: I do! I wanna learn - that was my new year's resolution - to learn to play the bass guitar this year
S: Is it?
M: Can I not have it?
S: No.
M: No? Ahhh - all right then. No, so what we're actually gonna do - every song that we play of yours tonight, people have got to write them down, so you've got to write this down, Alisha's Attic song and then basically you win, all right? So this is Alisha's Attic, Indestructible...
-------- Indestructible is played
M: ...Alisha's Attic and Indestructible - write that down coz later on there is an opportunity for you to win the full kit - you can't beat winning the full kit can ya? [Karen and Shellie laugh]
Alright so it's like full drum kit, there's guitar and amp, keyboard and bass guitar as well, that's all later on - get these songs written down - it could be you -
And I've got to ask you another question, what other stuff is gonna be coming up this year, like 1999, you know millenium on the way - have you got plans for it all?
S: We've got another single on the way out in March, called 'Barbarella' which we've just done the B-sides for - ermm - we're doing the Lilith Fair again, you know that ladies' tour in America -
M: Oh yeah! That's huge -
S: We're gonna be doing that again, so that'll be brilliant - we've got another two weeks of that in June, innit?
K: Yeah
S: Ermm - we've doing loads actually, we're writing for a film at the moment, which is really exciting -
M: Oooo -
S: And doing some soundtracks and stuff int we?
K: Yeah, it's quite - it's constantly busy - I'm a bit worried about the millenium, because we don't know what we're actually gonna do on the night of the millenium -
S: I'm staying in -
M: No!?
S: I'm staying in - I'm staying near a bank machine, yeah
M: You can't do that -
S: I'll be there with my Connect card and draw out everything just in case -
M: Yeah - coz apparently like, this might happen with all the computers going down - I'd love one of them to go down on me like -
S: It's a bit scary innit?
M: - and get all the money out
S: - about three million in there, yeah [everyone laughs]
M: Wouldn't that be fab! D'ya reckon this might actually happen then?
K: Who knows?
M: Although it's frightening in some ways because you know, others things like we might be out of electricity and all that
S: I know - but there's so much hysteria int there - you know, about it all happening and what's gonna happen -
M: Yeah. Did you see the programme on the TV about it all?
K&S: No -
M: Freaked me out
S: That's why I'm not watching anything because I think it's just gonna go manic - there's gonna be weird cults, weird religious things happening - everyone's just gonna go nuts
M: I think we should join one actually -
S: I know!
M: - start a new thing off! Definite must! So you haven't got plans about going abroad maybe?
K: No, not really. People say - a couple of our friends were saying recently that they wanted to just like sell their London homes and move to the Highlands in Scotland and totally go away from it all
M: Really?
S: Because they're just worried about the whole vibe of it all
M: Oh no, that's a bit bizzare -
K: It's a bit mad innit?
M: It's just gonna be another year
S: I know, we'll just wake up and go "oh yeah - it's the first of January again"
M: Exactly!
K: and I've got another hangover
M: Did you have a bad one this year?
K: I had a medium one because I was down - I was actually in Orkney where my boyfriend comes from in Scotland- it was a total highland fling thing
M: Ah, wicked
K: Live radio at 12 o'clock and
M: the hogmanay, yeah?
K: and everybody - it was like a real big thing to get the fireworks going off at exactly 12 o'clock - and we were waiting for it to count down, and his dad was like "ok - it's four seconds to go now - light it now" - and it was like "bang" at exactly 12 midnight -
S: Ah - sweet
K: And I danced with his dad and all that was really sweet
M: Really? Did you - did you have a similar -[to Shellie]
S: I had a hideous hangover - because it was so boring - I went to my boyfriend's aunt's house - and there was like all twelve of us going "oo - Happy New Year" [she says in a mocking tone] - so I needless to say I hit the gin, and woke up at about 5 o'clock the next day
M: Oh that's the way to do it! I can't remember anything about it -
K: Can't you?
M: All I remember is puking in the toilet at some point- [shrieks of laughter from Karen and Shellie]
In fact it was at 12 o'clock to tell you the exact time, yeah. Not very good really.
Err - all right, we're gonna have more chats in a second with Alisha's Attic, we've got Karen and Shellie in the studio tonight - and right now get this song written down, because there is an opportunity for you to later on, win the full kit basically - here they are Alisha's Attic and Alisha Rules The World...
Alisha Rules The World is played
[then they play a song by "Steps"]
M: ...I've got Karen and Shellie of Alisha's Attic in the studio -
You love that song don't you!
K: I do - I was singing along to it!
M: Ah - I can't believe you were singing along to that!
K: Can't dance quite like that yet... but we're trying... we can do that "Tragedy!" one [she sings that word]
M: Really? Have you got any special dance moves that you do when you're out? You know -
S: That is so not for me!
M: No?
S: I stand at the bar and don't even tap my foot -
K: - we just look total idiots [they talk over each other at this point - I'm not sure if that's what she said]
the only dance moves we can do is the idiot stance -
M: Mine's falling over - my friends have got all these dance routines that they have when they go out, you know like "pumping up the lilo", and "chopping up the bread" - like the arm movements, and then "chopping trees", and "rowing the boat" -
K: There's a "making boxes" one -
M: Yeah! boxes - "stacking boxes" and all that - we do all them - you know, it's like a good night out, you can't beat it! So what's your tipple then if you go out for a drink - what do you like to have to drink?
S: I'm on the old gin and tonics at the moment actually.
M: Really?
S: Yeah, I do like a gin -
M: That's a bit of a 'proper' drink isn't it?
S: It is a bit -
K: It's also supposed to be a depressant as well -
S: It don't do that to me - it makes me laugh
M: Really?
S: As does most drinks when I've had few
K: Mine's white wine, I like a bit of white wine -
M: Is it? You see I do. But I found out that apparently a glass of white wine is like having a Mars bar -
  [Gasps from Karen and Shellie]
S: No way! Is it?
M: Yeah!
K: But what isn't by alcohol standards -
M: Well nothing, everything's like lardy -
S: Red wine's not lardy though?
M: I think it is you know, it's good for you, it's good for your blood and your heart -
K: But it's still lardy - I mean a glass of red wine is still a bit of a five inches on the thighs business -
S: Is it? [Shellie says, still amazed]
K: Yeah-
S: Oh no!
M: Not good is it? Not good at all. Oh well. Erm so later on we're gonna actually be giving away that full drum kit, guitar and amp, keyboard, keyboard and amp, err, bass guitar - I've just repeated myself a few times there - bass guitar and amp, also you what you've got to do is listen out to all the songs that we're playing tonight of Alisha's Attic, write them down - and you're gonna be doing a little live thing for me in a second aren't you?
K & S: Yeah -
K: We've got the band in the other room, and we're just gonna do a couple of songs for you.
M: [lowers her voice:] they're having a drink right now...
K: Five inches on their thighs too!
M: They'll be fine for a Saturday night - that's on the way real soon, listen out - more from Alisha's Attic on the way...
---- [A little later, after a break and some other music]
M: ...Karen and Shellie, hello!
K & S: Hello!
M: Do you like that song?
K: Yeah! That's nice actually -
M: I like that...
K: I like that too...
M: She's pretty cool. All right, so later on we're giving away that full kit, it could be yours, all you gotta listen out to - all the Alisha's Attic songs that we're playing tonight. Now we were just talking about things that we do in our spare time and all that, and other artists that we like, what other artists do you like?
S: Ermm... I'm liking.... what music am I playing at the moment... I like old - I like Ricky Lee Jones [I might've got the name completely wrong] and sort of old crooners, do you know what I mean?
M: Yeah - old croners...
S: I do -
K: You went to see "Gay Dad" last night didn't you?
S: Oh I went to see "Gay Dad" -
M: Corr! They're gorgeous int they!
K: He is quite gorgeous -
S: Cliff the lead singer is fairly gorgeous -
M: Fairly fine! They're gonna be huge this year apparently
K: I think so, yeah.
M: Yeah they got big write-ups and everything.
S: It was a really good gig - oh the night before that I went to see Blondie actually!
M: No! What's she like now?
S: Oh - she's beautiful -
M: Is she?
S: She's beautiful still, but I mean you can tell she's -
M: Is she still blonde or has she dyed her hair brown?
S: No, she's still blonde, but could possibly have a few grey in there - d'ya know what I mean?
M: Oooo...
S: She's looking - I mean she's - what a chick!
M: She is. I tell ya, I used to love her, absolutely. So we were just talking - how it all started for you and all that, coz your dad is obviously well known, how did you first start off then, tell us all about it...
K: Well when we moved out of home, we went down to - we were living down in Dagenham, and mum and dad moved to Milton Keynes so we moved back down to Dagenham and we just had like erm, we were just working part-time, I was working in a toy shop, Shell was working in little nursery school, and we used to save all our money up and buy things like - the first thing we bought was a little four-track recorder from Argos and, you know, and car speakers, and a little SN58 mic with a pair of tights over, you know to win a prize like this tonight would be a total dream, do you know what I mean?
S: We had a really really old acoustic guitar as well, and it used to go out of tune really quickly didn't it?
K: Yeah...
S: Everything was really makeshift but it used to do the job -
M: Absolutely. So tonight someone could be actually winning all this stuff and be like making up their own little band
S: I know!
K: That's such a brilliant thing though, because it really is though, it really is a good prize to win, I mean to think about us even winning something like that in those days would've been a total dream come true.
S: Even now!
M: Even I could do with it - I'm telling you, I could really definitely do with it. So right now you're actually gonna sing your song, we've got the band in the corner right now [guitar strumming can be heard]
K: Yeah, we have, we're gonna sing you our first single off this new album actually, and it's called The Incidentals...
M: All right, ready when you are!
-------- The Incidentals is performed live
M: Yeah! There you go! You're absolutely breathless now aren't you? That was absolutely fantastic!
S: Thank you!
M: How do you do that - you just sat there and went 'ahem' - didn't even clear the old throat - if it was me it'd be like - [she does an exaggerated throat clearing noise]
K: We're so used to it now, because we do it all over the world, and all the time on like live radio, and recorded radio, it's just really easy, it's like eating a sandwich -
M: Really? I wish I could eat a sandwich and do that at the same time! That's fantastic, we've got more from Alisha's Attic on the way.
---- [some other music is played]
M: ...that was George Michael and "Outside". I've got Karen and Shellie out of Alisha's Attic in the studio with me tonight. What do you reckon of George Michael then, you like him?
K: I like that song yeah, I do actually. I like his videos, I think he always makes interesting videos.
M: Yeah, it's all that money innit?
S: It's all that dosh! Corr...
M: He's got too much money, I tell ya...
S: I totally loved Wham as well, I was a huge Wham fan.
M: I've got to admit I was into that as well.
S: I had one of them fluorescent T-shirts -
M: Did you?
K: - with - what was it? - "Choose Life"
M: Did you have the odd coloured socks? Do you remember fluorescent socks?
S: Socks and gloves, yeah -
M: One was like a pink one and the other luminous green - they were smart weren't they? And did you have the 'flick' - the fringe where it flicked right over?
K & S: We had it like Lady Diana -
M: Yeah! I had that! Wings -
S: Yeah! Curtains innit?
M: Oh those were dodgy days, the 80's, weren't they! That's why I'm planning this summer to have an 80's party, where all my friends come round dressed in the 80's yeah.
S: Do you remember those white high-heeled stiletto boots and things like that?
M: Yeah! Pixie boots!
K: Pixie boots! Dolly rockers
M: And they always had tassels and things on them
K: It was all a bit cowboy-ish
M: Nice... No wonder I never pulled! So what about fashion mistakes, have you ever made any like, think that you've done, and go "oh - I can't believe I wore that"
S: I've made plenty
K: We do it all the time you know. It was really funny because we were talking about it the other day and Shellie is the type of person that gets away with anything - she can wear the most hideous things -
M: Both of you do - you can get away with wearing anything -
K: - and I think we get away with anything because we have the personalities to carry it off, but sometimes when you're not feeling that confident, and then you wear something totally outrageous or totally stupid to everybody else it's like - they go "what you wearing that for?" - and you're like - "Erm... I don't actually know...."!
S: I used to love garish clothes, I used to go down the market, Camden market, and -
K: You still do -
S: - buy 70's you know, rubbish basically.
M: Psychedelic stuff?
S: Yeah - I love things like that, because in the morning if you're looking really great, which I do, if you put colours on you just feel better -
M: Really?
S: Do you know what I mean? Yeah, I always felt lively when I put colours on.
K: You've got a - I've bought you those little knickers - those satin knickers as well -
M: French knickers?
S: No, 50's like zip-up knickers.
M: No way! Where d'ya get them from?
S: I can't get into them at all - they fit on my arm
M: Are they authentic ones though?
S: Are they authentic, Karen?
K: Yeah, they cost me a lot of money.
M: So, what, somebody else has worn them?
K&S: Urrrgghhh!
S: No they're gussets for me alone!
M: This is probably a bit too much information now innit? So what is the best bit about being in Alisha's Attic?
S: Ermm - the writing side I think, when you're left on your own, you go - we have a right giggle don't we.
K: Yeah, the creative part is definitely the most exciting, and sort of like and even looking through photographs and actually doing photograph sessions and videos and stuff like that gets a bit tedious because you do it quite a lot. And they'd actually - when you're actually doing the actual creative hub of it, that's the real fun -
S: I love it
K: And we get really excited about it, and then it becomes - you look at it all and go well, yeah, we've done all that now and you get a bit passé with it, although we shouldn't. [I think she meant "blazé" not "passé"]
M: Yeah, so what about being sisters and all that? I mean it must be really weird, because I know if said to me right, "ok, you're gonna be working with your brother" - err - I'd be like "hello? I don't think so!" - that is one thing I ain't never gonna be doing. So how do you do it? It must be really good -
K: We feel like that sometimes -
M: No -
K: We have so many rows, Mel -
S: We do -
K: It's shocking how many arguments we have, but it's just - it's not about serious things - it's just tiny things, because we're so different as pers- people-
K & S: (persons!)
K: So, we do-
S: One of us can talk!
M: You're old mates - you know you're never gonna do anything coz your sister's all that and everything -
K: It's that old cliché about we complement each other and we get on well and we've got the same sense of humour and we just laugh about everything.
S: I think sense of humour's the important thing actually -
K: Yeah -
M: Yeah, ahh that's wicked innit? All right we're gonna play one last song from you, this is gonna be out in March is it, Barabarella?
K: Yeah, it is, it's gonna be out in March.. I believe it's like the end of March, yeah.
M: Love it, it is absolutely brilliant and we've got chances to win the album in a second, all right. And also listen out you've got to write this down, to win that full drum kit, guitar and amp, keyboard and amp, and also bass guitar as well, so whenever you're ready girls, over to you!
K: Ok, this is called Barbarella...
-------- Barbarella is performed live (the last Alisha's Attic song of the evening)
M: ..Karen and Shellie in the studio -
K: Thanks, Mel.
M: That was absolutely fantastic - I dunno - I still won't get over how you do that. And you've been brilliant, I wanna say thank you very much, and I've got to say now, we have the chance for somebody, right now, to win all the whole kit basically. Full drum kit, guitar, keyboard and bass guitar as well, with the amps and everything included. Now what you've got to do is pick up the 'phone and give us a call on Saturday Night Live and basically say "I want it, give it to me", yeah?
K: Yep.
M: - and ask for the full kit as well. [Karen and Shellie burst into laughter]
All you've got to do is pick up the 'phone and give us a call on Saturday Night Live and basically I'm gonna be taking as many calls as possible, putting you in the draw, and you're gonna pick me out a winner aren't you?
S: Yeah, we will.
K: We'll actually help answer the calls as well, can we?
M: Yeah - all right, definitely! All right, more on the way, Alisha's Attic, more after this...
---- [some other music is played]
M: yeah! we've had a brilliant night tonight haven't we?
S: Oh, it's been lovely, it's been good fun!
K: We always have girly chats don't we? Every time we come in...
M: I know! And do you know what I like the best? The drinking in between!
K Yeah! Shhh - we're not supposed to say that!
S: But it's Saturday night -
M: Absolutely - Shellie, I was really nutted on air right now [Mel says, slurring as if she was drunk]
Super nailed I am now, not. Erm, so what it is, we're actually gonna pick a winner, right now.
S: Yep.
M: Somebody is gonna win this full kit, we've had it all night long, we played all those songs of yours, and somebody had to write them down -
S: And it's such a good prize as well -
M: It's full monty on this - full drum kit, ok says everything, you get your guitar and the amp, and also keyboard and the keyboard amp, and then you get your bass guitar and amp as well.
S: That is such a good prize - it's totally amazing
M: It's thousands and thousands of pounds as well. I've took as many 'phone calls as I can, and we've had four of us actually answering the 'phones tonight, and we've tried to get through as many people as possible, we've put everybody in a hat that we have picked out, and we're gonna pick a winner right now aren't we?
K: Yeah, ok -
M: Oh this is just so exciting! We should have something like a drum roll -
K: [Karen does an impression of a drum roll] - there you go.
M: Hey - I know, I've got a gong [gong sound effect is played]
K: Ok, I've got it here - so the winner is Pam Innis!
All: Hey - well done Pam!
M: All right! You've won yourself the full kit basically, so get on the 'phone, we'll have a chat with her eh?
K & S: Well done Pam!
M: That is cool - how cool - I'm jealous.
---- [some more music is played, including Billy Idol, who is who they're referring to below...]
M: ...Have you seen him recently, though?
K: No -
M: I've seen him on The Wedding Singer, have you not seen that movie?
S: Oh no - I haven't seen that!
M: Yeah, he's looking pretty sh- dodgy - [Karen and Shellie burst out laughing as Mel corrects herself]
I was gonna say he looked shuper!
K: Does he?
M: I used have such a major crush on him -
K: What, looking old or what - ?
M: He hasn't changed but apart from-
K: - white wedding thing when he was like - totally rock -
M: Corr, yeah...
K: He's got lips from heaven
M: He has hasn't he? I'd definitely give him one. Err, anyway, we've got Pam on the 'phone right now -
We're gonna talk to Pam!
All right so it's Saturday Night Live and we've got Pam on the 'phone - Pam! [everyone cheers]
Well done! You've just won the full kit mate!
Pam: It's amazing
M: I'll tell ya - it's not often people get there kit off round your house is it?
Pam: No, it isn't actually no...
M: That is absolutely fantastic. I wanna say well done - you've won full drum kit, guitar and amp, keyboard and amp, and also bass guitar and amp. How about that?
Pam: My kids are gonna burst I think
M: Ahhh -
K: That's lovely.
M: And don't you think Alisha's Attic are wicked?
Pam: They're wonderful, yeah.
K: Thanks, Pam! Have you got - what - does your son and daughter play?
M: Er, well yeah. My daughter she's having guitar lessons at school, er, not guitar, she's having drum lessons, sorry, and my son plays guitar -
K: Oh that's brilliant!
M: And he's always wanted an electric guitar, and he aint got one yet.
K: Oh well you're gonna have such trouble when you it get home!
M: Can you imagine the drums?! My mother would kill me if I said "Mum, I'm taking up drums this weekend"
K: "Can't you learn the recorder, darling?"
M: Yeah - hey you could be in Alisha's Attic, couldn't they in future!
Pam: Yeah!
M: You just don't know. Well Pam, well done, you've been absolutely fantastic and thank you for taking part.
Pam: Thanks very much.
M: Cheers!
K & S: Well done, Pam!
Pam: Thank you.
---- [some other music is played]
M: Tonight in the studio all night long I've had Alisha's Attic, Karen and Shellie, you've been brilliant tonight.
K: Yeah.
M: Thank you so much again for coming in tonight -
K: Cheers, Mel.
M: And tell me what's gonna be going on this year then, what can we expect from you?
S: Oh, a bit of touring, we're doing the Lilith Fair in America, which will be fun; more writing, we're writing for some films and stuff, so that's gonna be good for us
K: We've got Barbarella the third single coming out, and then donig a bit more of the UK tour, so I think we'll be pretty much - pretty much out there for much of the year.
M: We'll be seeing you like on all the TV and local radio and stuff like that -
K & S: Hopefully!
M: Do you get embarassed? I always see you on Richard and Judy - no, I bend down to them, Richard and Judy they are like gods, they are up there aren't they?
K: I love Richard and Judy -
S: They're so sweet-
M: Are they?
S: It's so sweet - I totally adore Richard and Judy, I won't hear a word against them.
M: Richard's funny though, int he, the way he goes on about women's problems - as if he's a woman!
S: Yeah, like he knows!
M: Like he's going on about Judy's problem, and he knew everything about it.
S: Can you imagine if your husband did that to you, on telly, started talking about your menopausal things -
M: No! I couldn't handle it! No!
I'd probably lay a punch on him, you know what I mean?
"Richard shut it!" But she just looks at him and smiles!
S: I know. They're really nice actually, I really like them two, yeah.
M: Everybody always wonders what they're like off scene, you know, off set -
S: He always comes up - he's really obsessed by music as well, so he always comes up and says "oh, is that an open E string you're using?", or something like that! And you go, "err actually I'm not sure!" - you know "diminished seventh"
M: Coz he used to be in a band or something didn't he?
S: Yeah. He used to play guitar. He's actually quite good.
M: Really?
K: Apparently yeah.
M: So what about all the people that you've met? Who has been the ultimate person that has stood out, for you, that you thought "oh - love that person"
K: Err, love 'em? - erm..
M: Or hate!
K: We tend to like all the sort of - we love all the girl presenters and stuff like that, like Zoe Ball, and you know, Denise Van Outen, all those kind of people we get on well with normally, because they're really normally down to earth - I don't know - we normally get on with everybody really.
S: I like - I tend to like dodgy old musicians, I like [name of guitarist], you know David Bowie's guitarist, yeah, he was brilliant -
M: Oh right, yeah.
S: All the sort of bands that were sort of really cool from when you were -
M: From when you were younger, that you used to listen to -
K: And we still see a lot of Dave Stewart and Natalie Imbruglia, and all that little clan as well - so you know, we got a lot of friends haven't we, out there, really -
S: There's some really nice people out there, then you get your not so nice people, but then we don't talk about them...
M: No? We can't go into that then -
K: Of course.
M: We won't mention certain things. Err - we'll do that off air in a second, I love all that! So, thank you once again for coming in, you've been fantastic tonight.
K: Thank you, Mel.
---- [some more music is played]
M: ... I've had Karen and Sherry - Shellie [corrects herself] out of Alisha's Attic - sorry I can't speak!
K & S: Sherry! It's the alcohol isn't it!
M: I've had too much wine! I'll tell ya -
K: Gin and sherry in the studio!
M: I've had too many drinks, I really can't speak right now! No, I'm all right, honestly, I'll just fall over in about ten second's time. Robbie Williams - what do you actually reckon of him then? He's a bit of all right then isn't he?
K: He's lovely actually -
S: Possibly -
M: He's got that appeal that he doesn't only appeal to like girls of like - teenagers, he appeals to like women - my mum loves him!
S: Yeah, my mum loves him.
M: Nans, and blokes love him as well, so he's like got everything going on.
K: He's got a really good sense of humour hasn't he? I think that's what it is about him.
M: Cheekiness?
K: Sometimes I think he's quite cocky - then other times I think he gets away with it, do you know what I mean? coz he's just so sweet. He knows what he's doing and he gets away with it.
M: Exactly.
S: He's quite cool, our Robbie.
M: Yeah. Although sometimes cocky. You like that word! Cocky's a good word, isn't it? Actually, Nicksy, talking of cocky, he's in the other studio!
N: Would you stop using that word!
M: What, cocky?
N: At this time of night - it's disgusting!
girls: No, it's not!
N: Can I just get a bit of balance in here, because I walked in here and it was like walking into the cockney woman's drinking union - "awight there? awight awight?" [he says in a mock cockney accent]
So I'm just gonna inject a bit of northern in tonight -
M: It's like a scene out of Eastenders isn't it!
N: Yeah, but who's Pauline Fowler? Which one?
M: Me - I've got my dodgy cardigan on - "go on have a cup of tea..."
N: Oh - lovely, dead sexy.
M: All right so Nicksy, you're coming up next, what's on the show tonight?
N: Can we do a Donald and Davy Stott type question for the girls?
girls: Yeah go on -
N: "Alisha's Attic, when you were finished performing, do you relax by having a nice long relaxing poo?"
K: "Always, yes" [speaks in a falsetto voice]
I mean how do you answer that? 'cos I mean the truth is, yeah , you do...
M: Did you see that on Vic Reeves?
K: Sinead O'Conner was the funniest, did you see her? She just went "och - oh?!" and put her hands up in like horror!
M: The other week the racing car driver -
others: Damon Hill?
M: Is your nose aerodynamic? "Is your nose aerodynamic then?" [also falsetto]
N: Do you know what? For being a skinhead girl, Sinead O'Connor actually looked quite pretty.
K & S: She's beautiful.
M: Lovely eyes.
N: Gorgeous - Caprice was on last night -
M: Yeah?
N: She was like as interesting as this wooden desk - God, talk about a bimbo
M: I've seen her before, and after a shot of Caprice actually, and coz she's had a lot of stuff done
  [Nicksy makes miaowing sounds]
M: Yeah, everything. I know, I know, I have to explain this.
K: No, shush! [to Nicksy]
M: The blokes that I was with, coz I'm really jealous, they're all going "phwoar! look at her boobs" and I'm like well, none of it's real, do you know what I mean, and he's like "I don't care if she look like that"
K: Yeah, I know
M: I'm like "yeah, well"
K: It's shocking!
M: If we had the money, we'd all have it done.
S: The thing is when you're fifty and all that stuff's gone, you just want a good conversation, do you know what I mean?
M: Exactly! Good line! I respect that, I respect that!
N: Oh, God. If she walked in here now, and said "Nicksy, on the floor with me now", I'd say no, out of principle.
K: Oi! Yeah right! We're gonna try that right now, mate!
M: You go do that, and in a second I'll play the Honeyz, all right, right after this...
---- [some more music is played]
M: ..I've got to say a big thank you once again, we're going down the pub now. Karen and Shellie out of Alisha's Attic
K & S: Thanks, Mel!
M: You've been absolutely fantastic, tonight, thank you.
K & S: Cheers mate!
M: And Nicksy, tell us what's coming up, please.
N: Err, can I come round there?
M: Yeah, sure
K: Oi, behave yourself -
N: What's this round here, is this ice cream? What the hell is this?
K: It's humous -
N: Oh, god this looks disgusting, we don't have stuff like this in Newcastle.
K: I'll breathe on you and I'll show you what it is!
N: What's in it?
girls: Garlic, chick peas
N: You're not gonna score tonight
M: You know, you always score when you've eaten lots of garlic, or you've got unmatching underwear on.
K: Yeah
M: You know, tonight I've got the dodgiest underwear, you know I'm gonna pull.
S: You always see the best looking boy in the school when you're walking by with greasy hair and a fag hanging out of your mouth! and you just look hideous don't ya?
N: You've not got those knickers on Mel, like those grey ones, like South Yorkshire?
M: My Little Pony!
N: Oh man!
  [Nicksy goes on to say what's on the show, Mel says her final thank you's, K&S say their final goodbyes]

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