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Alisha's Attic have been on the radio and on the telly -
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  Richard Allinson (Radio 2)
(March 2001)
** New ** The girls chat about making their new album, ideas they have for their forthcoming tour, and Richard digs out a few of their embarrassing secrets!  
  L&K Friday
(March 1999)
The TV presenter has a quick chat with Karen and Shellie  
  Saturday Night Live (2)
(January 1999)
Find out all sorts of things about the girls, this is a really long interview, it's a must-read if you've not heard the it on the radio!  
  Saturday Night Live (1)
(July 1997)
The girls talk about their first mini-tour, what they got up to when they were younger, and much more!  
  Chris Moyles (Radio 1)
(September 1998)
Transcription not finished yet, coming at some point... :-)
[Shell talks about moving flat amongst other things]

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