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  15 May 2001

Alisha's Attic play LIVE!

News from the official Alisha's Attic's website (maintained by their record label)...

"Alisha's are confirmed to play T In The Park on the 8th July,
and the Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London on the 16th June"

(thanks also to Sharon Edwards of Alisha's World Wide Attic for pointing it out)

Alisha's Attic's new single!

The release of their great new single, Pretender Got My Heart, has unfortunately been delayed again!

The latest date I have is "approx 18th June" but that's not definite.

Alisha's Attic's new album!

The new single is taken from their forthcoming album, The House We Built - no definite release date for that as yet - but look out for it - I've heard some previews of other songs on it and they sound fantastic!!

(thanks also to Alan Pedder of Sparks That Fly for passing this on from Sue at the Fan-Club)

  Mar - Apr
Following Push It All Aside's chart progress,
week by week...

18th March 2001 - *** Single enters the UK charts at 24 ***

25th March 2001 - Sadly, the single dropped 16 places in the charts
to number 40. At least it's still managed (only just!) to stay in the UK Top 40!

1 April 2001 - Single finally drops out of the UK Top 40
Oh well - we can look forward to the next single, Pretender Got My Heart,
and the new album, The House We Built

(Also see my charts page)

  Mar 2001

Info on the new single

There will be two formats as follows:

  • CD1: Push It All Aside, Wonderful You, On The B-side, and a Multimedia section
    including the video for Push It All Aside!!

  • CD2: Push It All Aside, I Am I Feel, The Incidentals

  Feb 2001

Thanks to various sources for this info, including Simon Wilson, and the Fan Club...

Alisha's Attic are back with a new album!!!

Karen and Shellie have been busy writing their third album -

The House We Built -

and the first single to be released from that, Push It All Aside
is due out in the UK on 12th March 2001!!

  • Look out for their forthcoming appearances on TV, local and national radio!

  • The best place to get frequently updated news and the LATEST info is Simon's site!

  • Places you can see new videos and interviews:

  • The album is due to be released May 2001

  • It's been produced by Bill Bottrell - an amazing producer, with a Grammy nomination this year, and all sorts of credits to his name including Shelby Lynne, Sheryl Crow, and even Michael Jackson! 


April 2000

Thanks again to the Official Fan Club for this info...

  • The girls have been recording in a remote town near San Francisco

  • They had planned to finish the album in this country (UK), but the stuff they did over there was so good they decided to go back and finish it over there instead!

  • The new album will be finished by the time the girls return in mid-April

  • The new single will be chosen by the end of April - but won't be released until the record company have done the art work and press releases etc

  • After her mysterious disappearance when the second album, Illumina was released...
    ...apparently our lovely "dangel" - Alisha - may well be making a come-back... :-)



mid-Feb 2000

Thanks to Sue of the Fan Club for this update...

Woohoo!!!! Alisha's Attic's forthcoming album is well underway!

  • all the songs have been written

  • the best 11 songs have been picked and demos of them recorded

  • they've been busy recording - in various places including San Francisco!

  • the new album probably won't be out until at least May

  • but there should hopefully be a single out before that!


Sep 1999

Thanks to the Fan Club for this update...

Karen and Shellie have been busy writing their third album since April -
recording starts in
October - they say that it's gonna have a bit of a different sound to it and that they're gonna have a new image complete with a new logo for that album -
but they're keeping it all secret for now!

Contrary to the reports on various websites (including mine up until now) - Karen and Shellie AREN'T going to be recording a song for the next James Bond movie. That was just a false rumour. Never mind.

The actual story is that the girls will be meeting the producer of one of the Bond songs, with a view to him producing a song or two on their new album! Funny how stories can get so distorted sometimes!


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