L & K Friday  

Karen and Shellie's appearance on L & K Friday
BBC 1, 19 March 1999

Presenter: We've got Alisha's Attic in the house, everybody! [Everyone cheers]
K & S: Hello!
Presenter: Brilliant to see you here, brilliant!
Now, you're going to be singing something later on?
S: We are, we're going to be singing our next single which is coming out at the end of March, and it's called Barbarella.
Presenter: Fantastic! Excellent - now do you like being interviewed, like being in the spotlight, you know?
S: Erm, it's a weird one isn't it?
K: Yeah
S: We love performing, we love doing what we do -
K: We do actually, we like speaking - we like talking to people because we generally get on well with people, I think -
Presenter: That's cool.
K: - most people [they all laugh]
Presenter: Most people! Oh no.
Now your new single is all about the future?
S: Yes, and how, erm, the past - we love the 50's musicals and the glamour of it all -
Presenter: Sure
S: - and we're kind of saying we've got a bit caught up with computers and stuff - we're actually trying to get a bit more into it all - we're a bit behind - we're trying -
Presenter: Brilliant! You'll probably get on with our other guest - Trevor - who knows all about clockwork
[they had Trevor, the inventor of the clockwork radio, on the show as well]
--- Later they performed Barbarella (mimed)

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