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Star Talk: Alisha's Chattic by Fiona Sandiford

  It's not every day you sit down to dinner with the likes of Michael Hutchence and Bryan Ferry, but for Alisha's Attic it's all part of the job.

"We're supporting INXS on tour so we got together for dinner in Cannes, " singer Karen Poole tells Club. "It was a good laugh with lots of posh food."

Nice work if you can get it, we reckon. Club brings Karen back down to earth with a typical Club 140-style grilling!

The girls' new single Air We Breathe is the fourth from thier debut album Alisha Rules The World.

Meanwhile, they are taking to the dizzy heights of their famous attic again in September, to record the second album.

Our recording studio is in the attic in thte house we used to live in, " says Karen. "Our mate still lets us use it and doesn't charge us a penny. We write our songs up there too."

The last time we spoke to "the Attic" Shellie told us she was going out with a rock star. But who?

"He's a famous rock star in a Scottish band, but that's all I'm saying, " says sis Karen.

"My boyfriend is Scottish too. He's in a rock band and he lives in the Orkney Islands - but I don't think anyone will have heard of him!" says Karen.

The girls' gruelling work schedule means they're just about ready for a holiday, although they don't know where

"Our best holiday ever was in Venice," says Karen. "it's beautiful. Our favourite holiday song is Going Loco In Acapulco. It's great to sing along to."

"When we were 16 we booked a holiday on Teletext to Tenerife!" says Shellie. "We might look on Teletext again now!"


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Interview with Alisha's Attic from Club 140, page 145, Channel 4 Teletext, 14/15 June 1997
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