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Presenting an all new feature for Alisha's Corner...

Fan Profiles!!

What's it all about?
There's loads of info out there on the web about our lovely girls, their music, and the fan club; and there's message boards, a mailing list and now even a regular chatroom etc for us fans too (see the What's New and Links pages for more info on those). But... wouldn't it be a great idea if there was more info on the fans - yes about all YOU lovely people out there - especially as now there's a regular fan chat it'd nice to be able have a little place where you can read about each other and get to know this little worldwide Aa community we have!

So, how can I get involved?
Well basically I just wanna hear from you if you want to be included in my Fan Profiles section, e-mail me on [address removed] with the following details (the red ones are compulsory, the rest are optional) you could even just copy and paste the following bit out into an e-mail and fill it in like a form... :-) EVERYTHING that you send to me for inclusion in the fan profiles database will be PUBLICLY available on my website so only include what you're willing for the whole world to read!

[e.g. your Yahoo username, chatroom handle, ICQ name etc...]
Short description of yourself:
How long you've been an Aa fan for:
[the remaining items are optional...]
E-mail address:
ICQ number:
Date of birth (dd/mm/yy): [feel free to only give part of the date if you're shy :-) ]
Comments on Aa:
Favourite single(s)/album/b-side(s) etc:
Have you ever met the girls / seen them live? : [obviously you'll have to tell me if the answer to this subsequently changes! :-) ]
Picture: [attach this to your e-mail, but PLEASE - NO enormous attachments; something like a small JPEG, no larger than 100K, will be fine]

Finally - obvious comment - no obscenities please; and I reserve the right to edit / omit entries people submit.

I look forward to your Fan Profile submissions!

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