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About Alisha's Corner: Frozen

- my archived Alisha's Attic website

Alisha's Attic were a band in the 1990s and early 2000s that I used to be a big fan of. They still have an Official Website. Alisha's Corner (above) was my mini-website dedicated to them, which I stopped updating in 2001.

Alisha's Corner is preserved for posterity here at (minor edits have been made for spam prevention and similar reasons). Obviously some links may not work anymore! Although Shelly (formerly Shellie) and Karen have since embarked on separate musical careers, I no longer keep up with their music.

p.s. below is the original entry-page text from when I first "froze" Alisha's Corner.

Alisha's Corner? Frozen?

Alisha's Corner was my mini-website
dedicated to the wonderful band Alisha's Attic

However, now that I'm no longer a student,
I sadly haven't the time to keep it up-to-date anymore :(
But rather than just throw the site away I've decided
to freeze it and leave it on the web forever... :)

Feel free to try out the links page as I'm sure many of
the other wonderful fan sites will still be around.
In particular I'm pretty confident that the Official Alisha's Attic site*
(run by my best Aa friend, Simon Wilson) will still be around!

Many thanks again to all the fellow fans who helped me
build Alisha's Corner - and apologies to those of you
who submitted Fan Profiles to me which I never got
round to publishing. Long live Alisha ;-)

* Note this link updated 2008, apologies that it had been wrong for several years previously!
(Simon unexpectedly had to move to a different domain name, I never got round to updating this page)

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